Global mission

“Saving lives by connecting people to knowledge”

A mission that is relevant for all of us. One day we are all confronted with diseases and we or our loved ones need a cure. So let’s reinvent healthcare and save millions of lives by connecting people to lifesaving knowledge. By donating you are directly supporting our work to create this future. And by supporting you become a lifesaver as well!
Don’t wait. Act now.
Because the choices we make will determine our future forever!

“I envision a new tomorrow that moves away from inequality, has universal access to knowledge and a greater sense of togetherness”
– Susanne

“A Dream come true.”

“If this was available 5 years ago, my mother may still be alive.”
Lina, a daughter

“Giving hope to people”

“Susanne Baars, a woman on a mission. Using her expertise knowledge about genetics to contribute to a more sustainable and fair world with less disease suffering. I admire her drive, perseverance and courage.
Prof. Dr. Jan Peter Balkenende, Former Prime Minister of the Kingdom of the Netherlands


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"Transforming billions of lives by connecting patients, loved ones and passionate scientists to accelerate medical breakthroughs."
-Susanne Baars MSc. MA.

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