Susanne Baars is a thought leader and evangelist in the field of genomics. She gives inspiring keynotes about the impact of Genomics, Big Data and Smart Technological developments on organisations in healthcare and society.

Thought leader, Evangelist and Pioneer

Susanne Baars was a genetic scientist at Harvard until she discovered the disruptive power of genomics & smart technologies and how these will radically change the future of health.
Now Susanne is a highly demanded keynote speaker, speaking in front of tens of thousands of (young) entrepreneurs, business leaders and policymakers about the radical impact of Genomics, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence on humans and organisations.

Inspiring speaker

Over the years Susanne Baars has helped many traditional healthcare companies with her keynotes to gain a new ‘fresh’ and ‘out-of-the-box’ perspective.

Moonshot eXponential Genomics

“I envision a new tomorrow that moves away from inequality, has universal access to knowledge and a greater sense of togetherness”
– Susanne

A woman on a mission

To create Universal access to lifesaving knowledge for every human on our planet. Susanne Baars is an exponential tech innovator and genetic expert. In the past ten years, she became to realize that despite all amazing technologies and the abundance of resources, people are not empowered to connect with lifesaving information that is relevant based on their own lifecode. The same knowledge that empowers scientists to solve the world’s most deadliest diseases. To create global awareness, she founded the Global Human Genome Foundation. And Social Genomics – a high-tech company that connects people to lifesaving information. A moonshot initiative to save millions of lives by connecting people to knowledge on a global scale.

Next generation female leader

Being born and raised in a medical family she has witnessed that there is more knowledge to prevent diseases. Every evening her father Dr. H.F Baars came home and he told her stories of parents losing a child and about young healthy people who suddenly died during sports. And how they could still have been alive today if they would have access to the right information. “If only we’d known, we could have prevented this”. For Susanne this has been the most uninspiring sentence she has ever heard. This means that millions of young people are dying because of a lack of access to knowledge She was and is astonished by the fact that living in the 21st century, people still don’t receive the care they need, even if the experts and the knowledge are available. Hence she started thinking about smarter ways to create access and connectivity to save lives.

Genomics & AI

Knowing the disruptive potential of genomics she became a genomic scientist studying genomes herself. First in the Netherlands, then at the Harvard Stem Cell institute (USA). She continued her career as public health policy advisor at the Global Health and Ethics department of the WHO headquarters (Geneva) and Peking University (China).

Global connectivity

She realized that we are living in a world where genetic and medical patient data are locked in isolated and fragmented databases. Because of this lifesaving data cannot be shared. Without sharing, knowledge cannot be connected. And because of this millions of people are dying through a lack of access to available knowledge. She has seen underserved populations. People with conditions we cannot diagnose based on the local knowledge in the hospital. She has seen communities living in extreme poverty, who cannot access healthcare. But at the same time she also discovered the rise of new exponential technologies to empower everyone of us.

A new tomorrow

At this moment more than 1 billion people are searching for answers to protect their health and that of their children. Of which more than 350 million children with a so called ‘rare’ disease. While somewhere at the other side of our planet there will be another person who can save their life. Just imagine a future where people can access and connect with vital and lifesaving information. A future where we only need our smartphone to connect with lifesaving information based on our profile! That’s the future she is creating!
You can help too. #Conntingpeople2knowledge


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Susanne’s story

In 2013 Susanne made a unique discovery. During her genetic research at Harvard, she discovered that millions of young people are dying because of a lack of access to avaialble lifesaving information. She also discovered that genomics & smart technologies are now, for the first time in history, able to empower those millions of people searching for a cure!

These disruptions include, genomics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data analyses, digital health, and blockchain technology.


Susanne has a long lasting impact as a speaker through her inspiring personality

Valuable and Practical Insights

After the keynote you leave the room with new insights, ideas or a concrete action.

TEDx talk

Susanne has spoken for TEDx because of her authentic, impressive and inspiring global mission

Practical and Up-to-Date

For the past decade Susanne has been an entrepreneur. So expect practical and up-to-date stories and examples.

Custom Tailored Keynotes

No audience is the same, so no keynote should be the same either. For maximum impact Susanne
tailors every keynote to the specific needs of the audience.

Topics that really Matter

Susanne is a passionate speaker who inspires your audience with what is happening in our society, what will happen in the future and how humans should deal with it.

You’re not the first, many people Preceded you

TEDx, Shell, Europol, Financial Times, BP, Akzo Nobel, Engie, Miele, Randstad, Manpower, Philips and many other organisations in many sectors and industries preceded you.

September 2017

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August 2017

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February 2017

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"Transforming billions of lives by connecting patients, loved ones and passionate scientists to accelerate medical breakthroughs."
-Susanne Baars MSc. MA.

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