A young thought leader and evangelist in the field of genomics.

Saving millions of lives by sharing knowledge

In 2013 Susanne made a unique discovery. During her genetic research at Harvard, she discovered that millions of young people are dying because of a lack of access to available lifesaving information. She also discovered that genomics & smart technologies are now, for the first time in history, able to empower those millions of people searching for a cure!

Susanne provides keynote lectures about real world use cases with disruptions as genomics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data analyses, digital R&D drug discovery and blockchain technology.


Moonshot eXponential Genomics
“I envision a new tomorrow that moves away from inequality, has universal access to knowledge and a greater sense of togetherness”
– Susanne

A woman on a mission
To create Universal access to lifesaving knowledge for every human on our planet. Susanne Baars is an exponential tech innovator and genetic expert. In the past ten years, she became to realize that despite all amazing technologies and the abundance of resources, people are not empowered to connect with lifesaving information that is relevant based on their own lifecode. The same knowledge that empowers scientists to solve the world’s most deadliest diseases. To create global awareness, she founded the Global Human Genome Foundation. And Social Genomics – a high-tech company that connects people to lifesaving information. A moonshot initiative to save millions of lives by connecting people to knowledge on a global scale.

Next generation female leader
Being born and raised in a medical family she has witnessed that there is more knowledge to prevent diseases. Every evening her father Dr. H.F Baars came home and he told her stories of parents losing a child and about young healthy people who suddenly died during sports. And how they could still have been alive today if they would have access to the right information. “If only we’d known, we could have prevented this”. For Susanne this has been the most uninspiring sentence she has ever heard. This means that millions of young people are dying because of a lack of access to knowledge She was and is astonished by the fact that living in the 21st century, people still don’t receive the care they need, even if the experts and the knowledge are available. Hence she started thinking about smarter ways to create access and connectivity to save lives.

Genomics & AI
Knowing the disruptive potential of genomics she became a genomic scientist studying genomes herself. First in the Netherlands, then at the Harvard Stem Cell institute (USA). She continued her career as public health policy advisor at the Global Health and Ethics department of the WHO headquarters (Geneva) and Peking University (China).

Global connectivity
She realized that we are living in a world where genetic and medical patient data are locked in isolated and fragmented databases. Because of this lifesaving data cannot be shared. Without sharing, knowledge cannot be connected. And because of this millions of people are dying through a lack of access to available knowledge. She has seen underserved populations. People with conditions we cannot diagnose based on the local knowledge in the hospital. She has seen communities living in extreme poverty, who cannot access healthcare. But at the same time she also discovered the rise of new exponential technologies to empower everyone of us.

A new tomorrow
At this moment more than 1 billion people are searching for answers to protect their health and that of their children. Of which more than 350 million children with a so called ‘rare’ disease. While somewhere at the other side of our planet there will be another person who can save their life. Just imagine a future where people can access and connect with vital and lifesaving information. A future where we only need our smartphone to connect with lifesaving information based on our profile! That’s the future she is creating!
You can help too. #Conntingpeople2knowledge


An Exponential tech innovator she spent the last decade (and counting) in the healthcare sector. Anchored in a broad education in biomedical sciences (University of Amsterdam), Genomics, Neuroscience & Cognition (University of Utrecht) and Philosophy and Public Health Ethics (University of Utrecht). Being a visionary to the core, she has unique experiences with the field of genomics worldwide. Here’s a fairly complete list of Susanne's past experiences. You can also dig into her LinkedIn profile for more information.

Here’s a fairly complete list of Susanne's past experiences. You can also dig into my LinkedIn profile for more information.


  • FOUNDER & CEO SOCIAL GENOMICS | Saving lives by connecting people to knowledge

  • PRESIDENT GLOBAL HUMAN GENOME FOUNDATION (NGO) | Self-ownership over genomic data and the ability to share

  • FOUNDER iGEN | E-health application to identify genetic diseases

  • RESEARCH, POLICY ADVISOR WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION | Global Health & Ethics Department, Headquarters Geneva

  • PEKING UNIVERSITY HEALTH & SCIENCE CENTER | Social Entrepreneurship Global diseases



  • Organisator World Health Assembly (WHA), 2015 | Board member

  • WHO Alumni Network | Active member

  • Bestuur Mind the Brain symposium | Board member








  • TEDxINSEAD: “A new tomorrow”, title of speech: “How to solve tomorrow’s diseases”

  • New Year’s edition of the ‘Financieel Dagblad’ as one of the 100 Initiatives that make our world a better place

  • Winner Sustainable Healthcare Challenge 2016 National competition for innovation in healthcare

  • Talma-Eijkman price 2013 Best thesis 2013 within all life-science related fields, Utrecht

  • Travel award and poster presenter at the Endo-Neuro-Psycho-meeting Genetic association study with febrile seizures, 2012


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  • Susanne Baars, a woman on a mission to present a new resolution of self-ownership over genetic DNA to the UN and world governments across the globe as a fundamental right that needs universal protection. Using her expertise knowledge about genetics to contribute to a more sustainable and fair world with less disease suffering. I admire her drive, perseverance and courage. Susanne is giving hope to people.”
    Jan Peter Balkenende Jan Peter Balkenende Former Prime Minister of the Netherlands, External Senior Advisor to EY, Professor at Erasmus University, SB Member ING
  • Energetic and captivating, Susanne Baars really knows how to inspire her audience. In an area that has more questions than answers, the Human Genome Foundation is led by an honest yet motivated leader who allows her passion to shine. Enveloped by a presenter who can stimulate your thoughts around such a topic is rare and I would recommend Susanne as a speaker, who won't just speak at you but with you.”
    Bejal Joshi Bejal Joshi CEO - Plush Communique, Co-Founder Terminal 4 Communications, Women in Science/STEM Advocate
  • Susanne Baars is een vrouw met een missie. Als iedereen de rechten bezit over zijn of haar eigen DNA en deze ook kan “lezen”, wordt het mogelijk om onnodig lijden in te dammen, medische risico’s voor te zijn en kunnen we kosten besparen. Susanne kwam er al vroeg achter dat er veel meer informatie voor handen is dan waarmee wordt gewerkt. Daarom werkt ze hard aan next-gen tech waarmee de wereldbevolking de sleutel tot zijn of haar DNA in handen krijgt.”
    EMERCE & Skipr EMERCE & Skipr
  • Veel ziektes zijn te herleiden naar ons DNA. Het is tijd om iets met deze kennis te doen. Wij moeten hier iets aan doen!”
    Youp van ’t Hek Youp van ’t Hek
  • Identification of specific genomic mutations is often the essential first step on the path to therapy development”
    Niels Geijsen Prof. Dr. Niels Geijsen – Professor at the department of regenerative medicine of the Hubrecht Institute
  • Susanne is an enthusiastic professional with great ideas. She can engage key stakeholders to achieve common goals. Leadership and pro-activity are her key characteristics. ”
    Diana Estevez Diana Estevez Consultant at World Health Organization - Nutrition
  • A moonshot that needs time - The Dutch Ministry of health provides you moral support as long as your activities maintain between legal boundaries. Our people are prepared to support you and think with you.”
    Erik Gerritsen Erik Gerritsen – Secretary-General Dutch Ministry of Health
  • Erg leuk en fascinerend jou gisteren te horen spreken over je passie tijdens het BID en elkaar heel kort te hebben gesproken. Ik wens jou heel veel succes bij jouw missie die je zo krachtig hebt verwoord.”
    Monique Billekens Monique Billekens interim project manager
  • My jaw dropped after seeing your innovation: what are impressive and valuable product in the realization! What are you going to make a lot of people happy with it!” Willem – healthy food & prevention
  • Self-ownership over genetic data helps to get a healthier planet! - In 2003 I was diagnosed with cancer. From personal experience I know that self-ownership of genetic data has a positive influence on getting and feeling healthy again. It also stimulates health and life science and makes the world healthier as a whole.”
    Dirk-Jan van der Pol Dirk-Jan van der Pol -Thought Leader Health and Innovator Ordina
  • Fostering a social movement together - I'm really excited with what you are doing, and would love to talk more soon, and perhaps think more about what we might do to foster a social movement in this space. And explore how this will fit in some of the work I'll be doing at the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative in 2018. Thanks, and talk soon!”
    Tania Simoncelli Tania Simoncelli - Director of Policy for Science at the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
  • Susanne is a very enthusiastic and motivated person, with infectious energy and positivity. It was a delight to know her both personally and professionally. An excellent team player, she always sought to impress and never failed to meet a deadline. She comes strongly recommended, especially in fast-paced, high-pressure settings. ”
    Katie Hayes Katie Hayes Technical Officer at World Heath Organization
  • Working together with Susanne on this project was amazing – her drive and dedication are admirable. Her familiarity with the project was essential for the success we enjoyed. Indeed, our work has the potential to make a real impact in our people with cardio genetic pre-dispositions are seen to. It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to work with Susanne and to learn from her.”
    Philippe Koch Philippe Koch Science and Business Management graduate
  • Susanne is a true entrepreneur with a great spirit, thrust and energy. She has identified several ares in healthcare that are extremely innovative and have a great potential. She is very dedicated, bright and extremely engaged in order to achieve her goals. I can highly recommend doing business with Susanne and highly support her initiatives.”
    Thomas Szucs Thomas Szucs Professor and Director, European Center of Pharmaceutical Medicine at University of Basel
  • Susanne is very social, caring and helpful. In her work she shines through her intelligence, motivation and creativity. Through her time abroad in various countries she grew into an independent and open minded women that has a great ability to relate to different point of views, integrate these into her project and pursuits them with all her energy.”
    Kirsten Bohmbach Kirsten Bohmbach PhD student at University of Bonn
  • Gecondoleerd allereerst met het overlijden van je kleine vriend zoals het zelf noemde. Ik volg je al geruime tijd en vond het nu wel tijd dat ik mijn grote bewondering uitspreek voor wat je doet en vooral wat je drijfveren zijn en wat je wil bereiken. Zeer herkenbaar, ik ben zelf ook ondermend en wil doelen bereiken waardoor mensen levens gered worden en het leven van de mens beter van kwaliteit zal worden. Maar jij doet het wel op een hele aanstekelijke wijze die ik zeer waardeer ik je.”
    Ruinaard Entrepreneur Vincent - Ruinaard Entrepreneur
  • I know Susanne as the founder of iGEN, a revolutionary genetics healthcare innovation, that won the Sustainable Healthcare Challenge 2016. She is full of energy and ambition, focusing on the change of healthcare as we know it today. She truly believes in the disruptive power of eHealth, Big Data and AI. With her background in Sciences and Humanities she has a deep understanding of how the new technology could save more lives and make healthcare more personal. She is an excellent communicator and has a catching can-do attitude. Highly recommended to work with!”
    Nicky Hekster Nicky Hekster - EMEA Technical Presales at IBM Watson Health
  • Ms Baars demonstrated very good analytical and research skills, both concerning the identification and critical analysis of relevant literature, as well as in drafting and editing new texts. Moreover, she showed great project management abilities. A highly motivated young professional, Ms Baars has excellent social competencies and soft skills. In dealing with WHO colleagues and outside partners, she displayed a high level of tactfulness and diplomatic abilities. I greatly enjoyed working with Ms Baars and give her my recommendation without reservation.”
    Andreas Reis Dr Andreas Reis, MD, MSc, WHO Headquarters Geneva – Global Health Ethics Unit
  • Susanne is a good friend whom I know from a long time. I find in her a very good team player, pleasant to work with, with excellent communicative skills. Susanne possesses over a unique combination of high social and emotional intelligence and scientific knowledge in the fields of (bio)-medicine and neuroscience and genetics. This combination, and her enormous drive to change inequality in this world, will result in a successful and sustainable gamechanger” Monica – Public Health Researcher Sweden
  • She is a bright young professional with a mission. A mission you can not ignore, but also with a tremendous amount of hurdles. All elements in favour of her goal can easily be turned around and held against her, especially by people who are stuck in ethics. I suspect that this part motivates Susanne the most, because there is no easy way to make iGEN a success. This young and talented professional needs all the help she can get, and I feel motivated to support her. All her energy is dedicated to a positive course, a lesson a lot of people still have to learn. I highly recommend supporting Susanne in her project. I am originally an Air Force officer where we say:” One team, one mission”. So enter the team.”
    General-Major b.d. drs. Pieter Cobelens General-Major b.d. drs. Pieter Cobelens. Liaison Manager M4B. Strategic advisor, Previous Director Militairy Inlichtingen en Veiligheidsdienst
  • As part of her mission to personalise and develop the healthcare system worldwide, Susanne and I worked together to start up her company Cardiogen.Susanne is a very passionate and hard working entrepreneur with a very clear vision. Her abilities to share her ideas with enthusiasm and vision, both on stage as in person, are one of a kind. In all aspects of starting up Cardiogen she performed very well, producing her best work in the preparation of projects. I have known Susanne for the last few years; I find her highly intelligent, leader, excellent communicator and extremely motivated to achieve the best. Her hard work shows in the number and timing of messages, from 6 in the morning to 3 at night.She is exceptionally hard-working, and brings critical intelligence to meetings which shows up well in her prepared work. She is a lively team leader, asking pertinent questions which show a keen attention and contribute to an active dialogue between departments of her organisation. I fully support and recommend Susanne ”
    Jos de Wit Jos de Wit MSc. Online marketing & specialist in content marketing | data visualisation | conversie optimalisation

"Transforming billions of lives by connecting patients, loved ones and passionate scientists to accelerate medical breakthroughs."
-Susanne Baars MSc. MA.

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